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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  September 25, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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worked out but the health darm plans to go into every elementary school. >> placecally k-8. >> reporter: but this doctor steel doesn't know how many doses will be available for schools. heather fits into. >> high rest being category. she's six months pregnant but the novelty of it is not a concern. >> the benefits weigh out the cost. i want to do what's right for the baby. >> reporter: city health officials hope the same people are willing to get another shot or spray when the h1n1 is available in mid-october. >> the health department said eighth grade student at monte bellow has the first serious case of the h1n1 within the system.
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she is in critical or serious condition. there's more free seasonal flu clinics planned. we have a link on our website. just log on to coming up in about 15 minutes who the centers for disease control wants to see vaccinated first. two teen charged as adults accused of shooting a veteran police detective last night in northwest baltimore. police arrested 16-year-old craig tillette and ke von wilson. detective aaron harris is expected to make a full recovery. police say both fine -- teens have a prior record. detective jason simons died after a crash in the 3500 block of black rock road in upper co. simons was driving to work when he lost control.
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he was trapped inside the vehicle after it hit a guardrail land flipped over. simons leaves behind a 6-year- old child. a week later, crews still working to fix a 72-inch water main break in dunn dauk. early next week crews hope to pull the damaged section of the pipe out of the massive hole on broning highway, looking for cracks or bulges. tomorrow several county and state agencies will come together to help the flood victims. experts will be on hand to provide insurance information and help with cleaning and -- cleanup and cleaning supplies. that's tomorrow from 10:00 to 4:00 at the waters edge facility. a cambridge woman is accused of assaulting a police officer. it apparently happened while the officer was trying to
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arrest a 9-year-old boy he saw assaulting a younger child. officer james mkd mcdaniel saw the 9-year-old assaulting a younger child. when the officer tried to arrest the child, northrup pushed the officer. arundel county police are looking for a suspect who robbed a kfc fast food restaurant. it happened last night on nursery road. police say the suspect walked up to the counter armed with a hand dunn and de anded mony. the suspect ran away. if you have information you're asked to call metro crime stoppers at 1-866-7 lockup. the two older sons of steve mcnair have filed separate claims. his estate has not been disputed among parties yet.
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steve mcnair, you may recall was shot by his girlfriend back if july. he spent most of his career with the tennessee titans and last played for the baltimore ravens. >> it was a nice change with temperatures in the low 70s, a few showers. i think we'll see some more rain in here late tomorrow night. in the men team gorgeous. take a look at the visible satellite picture. we're in a clearing right now. temperatures are already falling off. 62347 germ -- 67 in german town. if you had the windows open last night, maybe crack them tonight. not much of a warmup for saturday. we'll talk about a cool start to the weekend and heavy rain. we'll tell you when that arrives coming up in just a
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few. he says it was an accident that should raf been prevented president the former maryland state police pilot who made the claim about the crash of the trooper breaks his silence. ex-pilot pete peterson told us how he tried to sound the alarm about the medivac system before lives were lost. peterson wrote a whistle blower letter. tonight you will hear his story and how he tried to prevent a tragedy. >> i'm still saddened by the loss of four people, knowing that i tried everything that i could as a public servant with 36 years of public service to try this prevent. >> again, you can see the exclusive interview coming up tonight at 11:00. fees fatten up revenues for
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the airlines. find out how many billions of dollars. that's right, billions, have helped airline carriers into the first year. we know about h1n1 but what about the dog flu? we'll tell you about symptoms and what you can do to prevent it. first, we'll get another check on the weather. the current temperature is 70 degrees. are few guarantees in life. e here's one for your skin that's clinically proven. olay professional pro-x wrinkle protocol is as effective as the leading wrinkle prescription brand at reducing the look of wrinkles. that's because olay has teamed with a highly specialized
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the dow was off 42. the s&p off just over six points. you know all those extra fees you're dishing out when flying? it works out for the airline. even though less people are flying, the airlines collected $3.8 billion for checked bags, canceling or rebook flights, carrying pets and assigning seats. the airline is charging more for services to offset the worst downtown in travel since the september 11th attacks. at&t is rolling out a new feature today that makes it
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possible to send photos, audio files, contacts and locations within text message. if you're an iphone owner wait for the next text message announcing the service activation. with the first doses of the swine flu about to hit the u.s., there's still lots of questions tonight like who should be vaccinated first. coming up, the cdc tries to clear up any confusion. and don't have time to see a shrink? what about speed shrinking? we'll show you how this works. happy friday. if you're worried about monday, go -- money, go to fall is the team to renovate your lawn. we have a defies for fall season lawn work and preparing your yardtor winter next year.
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the first shipment of swine flu could be in doctor's offices in two weeks. health officials are trying hard to handle patients already bitten by the bug. >> reporter: the first 6 to 7 million doses of the swine flu vaccine should be available by october 6th. it will just be in the nasal spray form, which is not safe
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for people with underlying conditions. >> there will undoubtedly be places where people will want to get vaccinated and can't, in early october, but that's a better option. >> reporter: the doctor said ample vaccines, both spray and shots will be available in october, too late for pryian young whose 22-year-old daughter kimberly died of complications from swine flu. >> a serious threat to america. >> reporter: triage tents have been set up outside hospitals in austin and memphis. at one point they were treating 400 children a day. >> they decide the vital signs and found out he had a fever of 104. >> reporter: there are long lines, too, for the seasonal
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flu shot. dr. freeden would lek to see the data. the swine flu vaccine will be administered at 90,000 sites. even those who have had the flu in recent weeks should be vaccinated. >> all right. so that's the h1n1 virus. but are you aware of the h3n8 virus? you got it. the dog virus has been popping up and at many ken -- kennels. people can't catch this type of flu but the cdc says it is very contagious among dogs. >> got so bad in the area, you know, to keep the dogs safe, not let any new dogs in. >> here are some of the
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symptoms. a cough, runny nose and a fever. those symptoms could all turn severe in some case. experts say you should check with your vet to see if it's available or necessary and be sure to check your kennel's policy before you board your animal. it started off icy but turned out to be a gorgeous day. you were concerned at first and the sun and birds. i tell you what, we are looking at a beautiful evening. i think we'll start off tomorrow nice but it goes downhill. a quick moving storm, hope to get it out. let's see what we're seeing in
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the harbor a gorgeous evening. not much humidity. the last couple of nights, it has been muggy. you can't say that tonight. just a light cool breeze. i want to point this out while we're talking about the water. there is a small craft advisory in the chesapeake. east winds dusting to 20, 23 miles an hour. so it will get choppy. the weather will go downhill. if you're a boater, you'll want to get off the water by midday. only much cooler than what we've been seeing. 61 was the morning low. i'll give you an idea how much cooler it will be. temperatures are dropping into the 60s. daily rain totals. we had a few light rain showers, just enough to make the roads slick. you see most spots getting less than a 10th of an inch of rain.
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let's take a look at the satellite radar few, not much going on. in fact, we're pick up fair weather cloud cover. so it looks quiet, maybe a decent start to the week and maybe sets the stage for a nice one. that's what you think until you look love to the west. see this large storm beginning to brew across kentucky and into west virginia. a lot of heavy rain. this system beginning to develop. it didn't look all that impressive. by this time tomorrow not only will it look much stronger but be close tore baltimore. here it s watch as this baby spins up, sort of grows, deepens, become as more massive air of low pressure. this is 5:00. as we go into tomorrow night big time rains, messy weather but a quick over. by sunday afternoon we're looking at decent weather.
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maybe the seats will be wet at the stadium. the kickoff time frairjs we'll see nice pleasant weather sunday afternoon but it will be a breezy afternoon. >> partly cloudy, getting cooler. there will ab chill in the air. clouds thicken up. windy conditions. watch for the rains to come in late tomorrow afternoon and saturday night. seven-day forecast, we begin to clear the storm system out. hopefully in time for kickoff. we take a look at a couple days. pretty seasonable stuff, low to mid-70s. >> all right. thanks. going to a bar to talk about your problems isn't a new idea, but what if it's not the bartender you're spilling your secrets to, but a friewp of therapists. welcome to speed shrinking. >> 30 seconds, guys, make it
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count. >> reporter: it's like speed dating. >> five, four, three, two, one! >> reporter: but it's no participants have three minuteses to spill their problems to mental health experts who will listen. then they move on to the next therapist. sort of like a test drive. the brainchild of susan shapiro who wrote the book that inspires these segs i make it fun. also, it's free. >> reporter: the response has been overwhelming. >> i've been shocked. i spected this would be a fluffy kind of fun event. they actually open up. >> i barely -- >> reporter: take this 39-year- old journalist. he lost his job back in march. he can't find work and he's scraping by on food stamps, something he was not anxious to tell his traditional mexican parents. >> it was easier coming out to
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them at 21 telling them i'm gay than having financial difficulties. >> reporter: then the boyfriend who is successful, lives in a swanky apartment and reluctant to share. >> it's in the good. >> reporter: so they're looking for advice, a common them, men who have lost their jobs. >> they have lots of insecurities f they're dating they feel like they can't impress a woman. if they're married, they kneel like they are hear not the bread winner. >> reporter: there is an upside. >> there's more dating going on because of the economic problems. your chances of love are even better. >> reporter: her remedy for finding love. >> it's important to do. >> reporter: he is learning to be more open. and that has given him hope.
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feeling good about your future? >> i feel much bet are -- better. it's good. >> the best part of speed shrinking, it's free. sunday morning be sure to tune in to square off. they will take on several topics, including president obama's recent media blitz much the group got heated on whether the criticisms at the town halls are based on racism. >> black big got triis just as long. gay bashing -- >> if that's out there it's worth putting out for a conversation. nobody cares anymore. >> so, before you meet press or
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face the nation sunday morning, tune in to square off. it airs at 9:30 sunday morning. here's a look ahead at weighs coming up at 6:00. a local school is chosen for baltimore city's first speed camera. where it will be located and what people are saying. it's been 36 years since the boss came. how quickly the tickets were snapped up. now a preview of what's ahead on world news at 6:30. coming up on world news, the u.s. accuses iran of building a secret nuclear facility. we'll hear the rumors and the truth about swine flu vaccine and hour person of the week. crest whitestrips has created a strip so revolutionary...
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the king of pop will be hitting the big screen soon and anxious fans can't wait. tickets don't go on sale million monday for the -- until monday for "this is it." fans say sitting in that long line for days is a way to memorialize the fallen star. >> it means more than just a movie to me. i get to see what he had in store for all of us fans. >> it will be emotional to see the movie. it will be a rare glimpse to see the king of pop doing what
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he does best, putting his live show together. i don't think that's ever been shown in the world. >> 3,000 tickets will be shown for the early showing in los angeles. it opens worldwide october 28th. we'll find out who's appearing at this year's baltimore book festival and we will have those stories and more which starts right now. caught on camera, beginning next week speeders in school and construction zones all across the state will get tickets in the mail. good evening. they plan to install them along walter avenue. that's where plenty of support was found for the electronic enforcement. >> reporter: at 42 miles an hour, the owner of this car would merit a ticket, as well as this one which topped the at 43. so much for the


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